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Using the car

How do I disconnect the charger from the car?

  • In the Nissan Leaf you press the button to the left of the steering wheel with the charging symbol
  • In the Volkswagen e-Golf if it doesn’t disconnect when unlocking the car, then lock and unlock the car again

How do I open the car using “Tap Tap Go” keyless access?

  • Knock twice close to the sensor on the front windshield on the driver’s side. When the sensor is emitting a solid green then show the sensor the lock/unlock QR-code that you find in My Bookings. If the sensor is emitting a red light then reach out to customer support for help.


  • All our cars are insured with Fremtind/Sparebank 1. In case of an accident fill out the damage report in the glove compartment or on Sparebank 1 website. After doing that you must report the damage in the app and notify Hayk Customer Support on phone 922 34 423.


We always do our best to offer the best service for you and continually update the service and the app. Reach out for questions and feedback!

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