It should be safe to share Choose yourself when your car should be available to others and who can book it.

The division includes own insurance with IF Skadeforsikring which secures you a loan car and no bonus loss if something should happen.

Download the app and get started

Easy access to the car keyless

You can open and drive the car with the Hayk app. Once the car is set for sharing, you do not need to ask if it fits

Download the app and get started

Get benefits on your car

Whether you want to make money, get a free tire change or get a free parking space at work. When we share, we can help each other, save time and gain benefits.

Move on

Get started in the housing association / housing association or at work

In the Hayk app you can create your own "Community" and give access to those you want. You can link benefits such as free parking to those who share.

Get started to see what can be done where you live

Most environmentally friendly use of car imaginable. Documented.

Hayk's vision is to make cities better for everyone. In Hayk Dashboard you can measure the environmental effects of the division measured in kg Co2 reduced. Like and share! :-)

Our vision is to make cities better for everyone.

That's why we offer a mobility solution that reduces car chaos and CO2 emissions.


We are the small tech-company that developed a world-class car sharing solution.

We are now looking forward to launching our groundbreaking solution with funds from Innovation Norway and private supporters.

Hayk because ..

  1. Safe and insured - you choose who you share with
  2. Easy to get started with. Keyless and without coordination
  3. There will be fewer cars and less pressure on parking.
  4. Adapted solution for homeowners / housing associations and companies
  5. Most environmentally friendly use of car.
  6. Reduced CO2 targets in kg are documented

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